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    About Us

    In any industry, knowledge is the key to survival and growth. Burkhalter International is a consulting firm that specializes in international business-to-business marketing, business development, and business advisement.

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Our Mission

We utilize our vast industry knowledge to lead and guide your business to success and triumph, giving each job a personal touch you won't find with anyone else. Experts in government regulations and oversight, Burkhalter International prides itself on helping businesses worldwide develop a prominent international footing to expand their businesses' outreach and impact.

Developing your business overseas can be a challenging task without the necessary guidance. We've made it our mission to give you this guidance in order to make this transition less stressful and more straightforward.

International Guidance

International Guidance

For the past several years, Burkhalter International has prided itself on guiding and consulting countless businesses all over the world. With our experienced and talented team, Burkhalter International has left a lasting impression in a variety of different industries and fields. No job is too big or too small for our consulting team, and there's no limit to our outreach.

Consultation & Council

Consultation & Council

Every business goes through the usual growing pains. At Burkhalter International, we strive to help you and your business through these growing pains seamlessly and with complete ease. In addition, our consulting team oversees every aspect of the counseling process to ensure that all of your expectations are not only met but exceeded.

Business Development

Business Development

Every successful business eventually begins to expand and develop as it continues to grow. Sometimes these changes can be challenging to overcome and maneuver. With the help of our dedicated staff, Burkhalter International helps your business grow through these crucial and influential changes.

From international guidance to consulting and council, discover everything Burkhalter International has to offer.

Our Focus

With a prominent presence in various industries such as real estate, finance, and even construction, we pride ourselves on being an expert on any business that comes to us. We pride ourselves on addressing each job with an in-depth approach with the understanding that every industry is different and each business is run differently. With this dedication, our firm's focus lies entirely in your company's specific needs and desires.

Burkhalter International has lent a helping hand to a variety of industries all over the world. From helping with simple tasks such as finding office spaces and branch locations to more extensive jobs such as dealing with international government regulations, we make it our mission to make it easier for businesses to grow and develop all around the world.

Meet the Team

Headshot of Speaker Mark Burkhalter

Speaker Mark Burkhalter

Former Georgia Speaker and Speaker Pro Tempore of the House, Mark Burkhalter represented the Atlanta suburbs in the Georgia Assembly for 18 years. During his...

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Headshot of Viki Entrekin Staley

Viki Entrekin Staley

Specialize in healthcare and non-profit organizations for over 35 years. Experience in both governmental affairs and administrative affairs. Keen understanding of relationships between government agencies...

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Jeremy Taylor

MANAGING DIRECTOR UK OFFICE BURKHALTER INTERNATIONAL Jeremy has built a global network of contacts to connect you to international markets as well as help overseas...

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Headshot of Kamonthip Williams

Kamonthip Williams

Kamonthip handles Hospitality Trade and tourism for the Asian and US markets. She has a Master’s Degree in Business Administration, a Major in Hotel and...

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