Jeremy Taylor


Jeremy has built a global network of contacts to connect you to international markets as well as help overseas businesses develop commercial opportunities in the UK. With a wide & varied career in business support in this country & abroad, Jeremy is ideally situated to help you explore new markets overseas. Jeremy believes in the principle that people buy from people and will help you find the people you need to meet to help your business grow and advise you on the engagement strategies and tactics to make those contacts effectively.

In addition to this, Jeremy is a very well-experienced and highly regarded Stakeholder Engagement Professional, helping businesses, the public sector, and infrastructure providers talk to those they need to reach. Recent projects include managing the engagement of businesses, stakeholders, and educators for Gatwick Airport in respect of the Northern Runway Masterplan.

Jeremy is an experienced and engaging speaker, host, facilitator, and conference chair with extensive media appearances.

Jeremy started his career in hospitality, leisure & tourism with a number of management roles in hotels, restaurants, retail, and catering and is a qualified wine drinker. He moved into business support, providing consultancy services to a wide range of businesses needing help with business development. In 2004 he took over the leadership of Gatwick Diamond Business, one of the fastest-growing and most influential independent business groups in the country.

For the past three years, Jeremy has been leading on developing international trade, business promotion, and infrastructure development at home and abroad.