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    Founded on the belief that bigger is better, Burkhalter International offers a wide range of services to our clients that will help develop their business further.

Who We Help

From real estate development to global construction and international transportation to education, Burkhalter International has played a vital role in developing numerous businesses.

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Financial Services
UK, Asia, Europe, and US

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Online gaming

Online Gaming
UK and Asia

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Real Estate Development
UK, US, and Asia

Insurance brokers
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Major Universities
US, Asia, and Europe

Global construction

Global Construction

Train station

International Transportation

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International Commerce and Government Regulation

What We Do

Above it all, Burkhalter International is a consulting firm that helps provide your business with the necessary knowledge and guidance to grow and thrive. As experts in countless industries, we offer counsel in business-to-business marketing, business development, and even international expansion in order to give your company the tools it needs to strive. We pride ourselves on taking the time to study your company's culture and nature to give your business the proper knowledge it needs to be successful.

There's nothing quite as challenging as expanding ones' business overseas. This is why we have made it our mission to ensure that this process happens smoothly and without a hitch. Burkhalter plays a crucial role in your businesses' international expansion by lending a helping hand in various tasks, such as finding locations to set up your office or helping you understand specific government regulations and culture. Transitioning overseas is hard enough already. Don't make it any harder.